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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 11/14/2017 05:34:56

of wood flooring application of two of their proprietary patented technology - '3D synchronous embossing process' (patent number: ZL201010534261.3) and 'cloud edge technology' (patent number: ZL201530264099.1). 3D synchronized embossing technology gives the cloud three-dimensional decorative texture walk, so that the floor

texture more delicate, natural, very rich in wood texture. The edge of the cloud edge technology, so that the edge of the flat floor with ups and downs of the three-dimensional sense of the decorative effect of their more agile and lively. The light changes and the floor more substantial waves, but also produced a graceful light and

shadow effects, giving the impression of walking like a romantic cloud mood. Wang Xiaobo said: 'It is not enough for a person to own this life, and he should have a poetic world.' Now people are pursuing their own lives and are confirming this remark. Mature consumers have shifted their focus from 'product spending' to 'quality and potential

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