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General Discussion | floor companies to be sold

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 11/20/2017 08:31:01

to respond. It is understood that the ITC final order issued, the floor companies to be sold in the United States market, must Uniden Netherlands 'one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars,ornamental composite decking each sold 1 square meter and 0.65 US dollars to pay a patent license fee,[url=http://floormatscheap.com/diy-deck/2684.html]water puddles on deck[/url] The domestic flooring industry, less than 1 square meter profit per square meter. Industry sources said at least three ways to defend: First, the judge ruled that the patent is invalid; Second, the ruling patent is valid, but the product does not infringe; third is the judge ruled that the patent is valid, product infringement, but the decision to bypass the product design does not infringe .

Earlier, three Chinese companies used a 40-year-old German floor-locking system called TERBRAK, hired the United States floor experts and two Chicago engineering companies,house cladding interior according to this principle bypass the design of a new product, the preliminary ruling The judge found the product does not constitute infringement. Recently, the reporter learned from the relevant departments that the United States International Trade Commission[url=http://goodfloorings.com/panel/1227.html]composite ceiling boards[/url] (ITC) on the world's 38 wood floor business '337 Survey' recently made a final ruling that the sale of these companies in the United States floor infringement of the Netherlands Unilin company, the Irish floor

Industrial companies and Unilin North Carolina flooring companies (the latter two are affiliates of the Unilin company in the Netherlands) floor lock patents, including China Elephant, Fillinger and Shengda,wholesale composite decking spain 18 Chinese wood flooring companies. In the meantime, ITC also issued a general exclusion order that U.S. Customs will restrict the import of related products as required by the order. This led to the Elephant, [url=http://woodenflooringinfo.com/composite-deck/3109.html]exterior wooden display as panels[/url]Fillinger and Shengda three companies won the preliminary ruling 'No. Currently, the Holy See, Fillinger and Sidar and their attorneys have not made any statement on the matter. However, there are local companies shouting grievances, 'No. 7