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General Discussion | flooring companies to attend the hearing

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 11/21/2017 06:02:18

not only do we hope to make use of its abundant capital, but also hope that through the great industrial resources in Asia's industry, Strengthen their core competitiveness. stagger laminate floor patterns'Guo Hui believes that the industrial chain integration side is the development of resource-based industries, and industrial capital is the best support for industrial chain integration. Elephant is the floor industry first realized the value of the industry chain and put into practice the business. As early as in 2002, Shengxiang started to march into the upstream of the industry and acquired 1.5 million mu[url=http://goodfloorings.com/fence/106.html]ornamental plastic fence[/url] of fast-growing forest, 8 floor factories and more than 2,000 retail terminals, and

gradually completed the whole industrial chain from raw materials, R u0026 D, production, sales and service layout. As a powerful industrial capital, Daya owns the largest manufacturing base for forest industry in Asia.outdoor plastic brick wall covering Elephant through marriage to expand their precious upstream resources, in the forest industry chain resources integration and voice occupy a dominant position, which won the winning weight.[url=http://floormatscheap.com/pvc-fence/2543.html]what paint do i need for a composite door[/url] In the context of a weaker economic trend, most of the flooring companies are experiencing 'winter weather.' As a leader in the industry, Elephant has long been well prepared for the winter. Accompanied by the theme of industrial competition from

'point to point' to 'chain-to-chain' upgrade, sacred as the fake hand industry capital integration industry chain gorgeous movement is making the 'industrial giant'mobile homes decking manila in a modest 'floor' Dancing. (End) With the real estate market once again go hot, decoration market will also be 'hot' up. At the same time, consumer complaints about the construction and decoration materials are also on the rise, especially for quality complaints against solid wood flooring. It is understood that including the 'wood floor laying technical requirements,' 'floor radiant heating floor laying technical specifications'[url=http://woodenflooringinfo.com/composite-deck/937.html]composit materials for boat seats[/url] and 'laying of large-scale construction of wood flooring technical conditions'