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General Discussion | School Gets Tough on Dress Code

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POSTED BY: administrator on 08/04/2008 19:39:04

In a Texas school district, administrators have adopted a way of handling dress code violations.  Not sure exactly what that code is, but I'm guessing it would be for revealing tops and short skirts or guys revealing their underwear with baggy pants or something like that.  Those caught, are given a one piece dark blue jumpsuit as alternative clothing.  There seems to be a big uproar on this.  What are your thoughts?

POSTED BY: leftymom on 08/05/2008 02:14:13

It sounds like a humiliating form of punishment...can you imagine being in high school, trying to be oh so cool, and your funky fashion statement gets labeled as 'distractive' or 'flamboyant' and suddenly you're forced to wear a jumpsuit as punishment- like a prisoner.  I think they can find a better way to deal with the situation than this.

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POSTED BY: NewMom on 08/08/2008 23:49:06

I think that the jumpsuits would cause more of a distraction. I understand the need to have dress codes, but some schools take the matter a little too far. My niece got in trouble by her teacher for wearing too many bracelets ( the four bracelets were made out of plastic, so they weren't noisy).

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POSTED BY: stella989 on 11/25/2008 01:12:51

Jumpsuit? That's silly, it would cause even more of a stir.

I think the dress code thing is good though. The other day my friend and I were walking through the center of town around noon, right when the schools let out, and these three girls who were no more than 14 or 15 passed us. They had dyed jet black hair, black and purple eyeliner, the shortest denim miniskirts I've ever seen, piercings all over their faces, low-cut tops, and stockings with holes everywhere. I mean, come on, I understand a teen's need for self-expression, I had pink hair in the 9th grade. Honestly, though, my first thoughts were 1) Where are the parents? and 2) What kind of school lets thesed children show up looking like that? Why don't they cover them up?

Maybe they should make kids turn in a personal set of sweats at the beinning of the year, cover them with that if show up dressed badly. :)

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