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POSTED BY: administrator on 12/19/2009 21:44:15

Encourage and share, join the August 2010 Birth Club.

POSTED BY: Kellie on 12/30/2009 15:14:49

Okay... I'm a little confused.. Is there just one thread for all of August, instead of a board?

  Hi, I'm Kellie, 27, sahm to 5 kiddos, and expecting #6 Aug. 26th

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POSTED BY: nadeneden on 01/04/2010 02:33:03

Hi i am Nadene and i an expecting baby #1 on 26 aug 2010!!!!


i am also new to this site but i am loving it so much



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POSTED BY: Kellie on 01/04/2010 15:40:17

Hi! Cool, we have the same EDD ;)

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POSTED BY: ShannonLeaC on 01/22/2010 20:12:29

I'm Shannon EDD of our first baby 8/27/2010.  I had a miscarriage in August, and am totally nervous.  New to this website.

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POSTED BY: babymama22 on 02/10/2010 13:11:49

hm..well im new on here and my due date is aug.16 2010

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POSTED BY: Nightingale on 05/01/2010 20:51:34

My baby is due on the 10th of August 2010 :D

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POSTED BY: nessa1785 on 07/29/2010 03:43:06

hi im new to this site.

my due date is August 22nd and its a boy

Luvin my Ks
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