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General Discussion | How is Laminate Flooring Produced?

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 01/03/2018 04:32:27

In the direct-pressure laminate process, the decorative covering layer and stabilizing layer are pressed together onto the core layer.

While the high-pressure laminate process, on the other hand, the decorative paper and overlay are pressed onto special high-strength paper first. Only in a second stage is this so-called high-pressure laminate glued to the core layer. This makes the flooring a lot tougher and more resistant to dents etc.

How is Laminate Flooring Graded Apart from the different warranties that manufacture offer and the difference between DPL & HPL the other thing to look out for when purchasing laminate flooring is industry standard load and traffic categories. These are broken into two different categories and are as follows.

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