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General Discussion | room wood floor how to renovated?

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POSTED BY: xiao1235 on 03/13/2018 04:50:06

show a house to be taken more quickly, a lot of people can be bought directly now room, how is the room decorated? Its measure and bridal chamber are decorated or some come in and go out, garden plastic wooden deck in malaysia the measure that the room decorates is too much, we are discussed together below below the method that wood floor renovates.

The area that the floor occupies in the home is very big, if be to buy bridal chamber directly, it is good to come that undertakes according to the measure of laid floor, but how is room floor board renovated,outdoor waterproof fabric by the yard the element that wants a consideration is more, we come to specific specification according to different situation below.

1, simple face-lifting

how is room floor board renovated? We should treat the specific condition of original floor in the building above all, if the original floor in the building maintains very good, tatty rate is not old,Advantage And Disadvantage Of Composite Blinds and decorate a style with what you anticipate very build, that does not have necessary and new laid, it is OK to should be handled on the foundation of original floor only.

the first step that how room floor board renovates undertakes clearing to the building namely, the room in sundry clear clean, to the floor the surface undertakes burnish later,veranda pvc review the premise of burnish is surface layer ply should achieve 3~5 millimeter, if under this standard, do not have necessary burnish, the floor of this moment again burnish can affect service life badly, what use a proposal new laid. The program of burnish should undertake 3 times, it is OK to dirt dirt clears clean after burnish approve be bored with child, approve be bored with child basically be for make level floor, let floor settle on more level off.