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General Discussion | wood is becoming scarcer

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POSTED BY: qizhen10001 on 08/20/2018 07:31:23

end products are balanced.how to make bench seats on a deck For example, the 8mm low-end products have a slight surplus, while the 12-mm high-end demand is large. The future development trend of the laminate flooring should be medium and high-end products. The demand will be more and more large; [url=http://yonkersfirehistory.org/deck/4141-reconstituted-wooden-boarding.html]reconstituted wooden boarding[/url]the solid wood composite flooring will occupy more and more in the market of fully-decorated houses. In the future, with the concept of fully-decorated houses

becoming more popular,garden fencing for sale the market prospect of solid wood composite flooring is also more clear. Our view: We have already stated in the report that the laminate flooring will increase its market share year by year due to the price advantage, and the solid wood composite flooring will become the focus of the industry due to[url=http://fortdearbornelementary.org/cheap/3996-engineered-wide-plank-reclaimed-wood-flooring.html]engineered wide plank reclaimed wood flooring[/url] the saving of precious wood and satisfying the characteristics of consumers pursuing higher-grade decoration needs.

Developed products. From the statistical data,wood plastic wall panels decorative since 2005, the country has levied a consumption tax on solid wood flooring and imposed a 10% export tariff. Since then, the solid wood flooring has begun to decline, and in 2006 it was overtaken by solid wood composite flooring. 4. Various cost increases will be seen in the future,[url=http://fortdearbornelementary.org/cheap/2721-wood-deck-overlay-products.html]wood deck overlay products[/url] including the rise in the price of floor substrates and the difficulty in importing timber for timber prices. The price