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General Discussion | Let's take a closer at Nike Air Max 1 Mini-Swoosh

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POSTED BY: hx201314 on 09/12/2018 09:46:58

Nike Air Max 1 Mini-Swoosh shoes are slowly starting. It means that in only a few weeks we will be looking for typical autumn and winter shoes. Nike will come to your aid as soon as possible and will serve its Nike SF-AF1 High. This year they will come in a slightly renovated structure.This model was introduced only a few seasons ago, but it was very successful from the very beginning. This year, designers in Oregon at the Nike headquarters decided to slightly increase the height of the upper, among others, by lengthening the tongue in these shoes. The whole structure is based on canvas and ballistic nylon resistant to damage and water. In our case, they were stained black on the front of the upper, around the binding and on Swooshu. In the dark yellow shade remained the panels in the rear parts of the shoe. In addition, there are two fastenings at the collar and white laces, and the whole stitching is in a couple of military climates.
Again we look at what's going on at Nike Shoes, because on the store shelves there is an interesting version of the iconic Air Max 95. If you are curious about this, let the Snakeskin word be a little hint.As you probably guessed, one of the main roles in this project will be the snake skin. And you're right, the material of similar appearance was used just above the black sole with the navy blue Air Max system. From the second panel at the bottom to the very end, we can see shades of brown and beige. At the bottom they are the darkest, and the higher the brighter. However, this is not the end of madness with materials, because the panel on which the navy blue Swoosh is visible is made of horsehair and the rest of suede and canvas. A dot over and there is a black leather toe and padding and eyelets for laces in the same color.
Nike React Element 87 can be said to have taken the market by storm. A shoe which by design is designed to be worn on a daily basis, has become a sales hit from the place and all previous colors have been spreading. Now Nike is still heating up the atmosphere by giving us editions in cooperation with the UNDERCOVER brand. There are four colors in the entire collection, but they are broken up in Europe for two dates - tomorrow we will receive two of them. Undoubtedly, the lack of color on them can not be complained about in the form of a draw.In addition to the aforementioned cooperation with UNDERCOVER, another Air Max Deluxe will also be available for sale tomorrow. This time the dominance of black, but there are also small graphic inserts in color that complement this shoe.