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General Discussion | Formation of high quality grinding disc debris

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 09/24/2018 23:09:52

Grinding process is to remove a certain amount of workpiece material to obtain a better surface quality and precision, a commonly used tool for 4.5 inches grinding disc.


The high quality grinding disc is a loose body formed by pressing, drying and sintering of abrasive and binder.


The single abrasive grain is a tiny cutting edge with large negative rake angle and blunt radius of edge. After sliding and plowing, the high-speed moving abrasive grains cut into the workpiece, and the cutting layer material obviously slips along the shear surface to form short and thin chips. These chips are heated to a high temperature in the grinding zone, then oxidized and melted, and solidified into microspheres, and there are some forks on the sphere surface, which is the main type of abrasive.


Wear debris. When grinding acid-resistant stainless steel, a large number of ball-shaped debris is found, accompanied by banded, knotted debris and ashes. A lot of this debris will be filled into the grinding wheel pores, attached to the abrasive around, resulting in the blockage of the grinding wheel, resulting in reduced grinding accuracy, burning the workpiece, and shortening the life of 4.5 inches grinding wheel