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General Discussion | What is a hero? Heroes are people

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POSTED BY: ylq123 on 10/11/2018 04:29:43

What is a hero? Heroes are people who are not afraid of difficulties, heroic, admirable, and admirable. I think everyone has a hero in his heart. He can set an example for himself, and he can make himself a driving force for advancement. There is also a hero in my heart. He is a cowherd - Wang Erxiao! the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, a famous national anti-Japanese hero appeared in Moyuan County Marlboro Lights, Hebei Province. His name was Wang Erxiao. When Wang Erxiao died, he was only seven years old. When the Japanese devils swept a ravine, in order to cover thousands of fellows and cadres Wholesale Cigarettes, he took the enemy into the ambush of the Eighth Route Army in spite of his own life. The impetuous Japanese devil took Wang Erxiao to the top of the big stone at the tip of the gun. The cadres and the fellows were out of danger. The young hero Wang Xiaoying died. He slept in the cold mountains Cigarette Tobacco For Sale. His face still contained laughter. His blood stained the red and blue sky. The autumn wind blew through every village. It spreads this moving story Cigarette Online. Every fellow villager has tears and sings two young cows. reading this story, I was shocked by the patriotic spirit of Wang Erxiao. Wang Erxiao exchanged his young and precious life for the safety of his hometown and won a precious opportunity for the Communist Party. He himself slept in the cold mountains. He sacrificed for the people and the Communist Party. His sacrifice made us Unforgettable, he has the spirit of dying unyielding and fighting the enemy in the end. He faces the enemy's bullets without fear and death. This is because he has the motherland in his heart. How precious is this patriotic spirit! we live in a peaceful era. This is like the thousands of heroes like Wang Erxiao who exchanged their blood. This kind of life is hard to come by! As a young pioneer, a communist successor, shouldn't we inherit the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors, love the motherland, and love the people? I deeply understand that we live in a time of peace and happiness, and countless revolutionary martyrs exchanged their lives and blood. When it comes to the critical moment of danger, you can't just care about your own life, regardless of the safety of others. To think of the interests of the people and the interests of the country Marlboro Red, we must dare to fight against the bad things of the bad guys. Only in this way can it be regarded as a qualified young pioneer. When the motherland needs us to contribute, shouldn't we devote all our own, even life? At the same time, we should also cherish the good life now, study hard, and go up every day to make the motherland more prosperous and strong! I remember that Chernyshevsky once said: "How great is the power of patriotism! In front of it, what is the love of human beings, the fear of suffering, what is it? In front of it, the person itself is also considered to be what!" anti-Japanese hero, Wang Xiaoying, has sacrificed for more than 50 years. However, his heroic deeds and dedication will always inspire and inspire us. He will live in my heart forever.l use him as an example. As a young pioneer, I will love the motherland and love the people. It is our motherland that is more prosperous and strong!