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General Discussion | The characteristics of axial grinding method

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 10/12/2018 04:49:16
China grinding disc manufacturer introduces the characteristics of axial grinding method. The way of grinding is in the category of finishing. Here we share the characteristics of axial grinding method. When grinding with axial grinding method, the wheel rotates and feeds radially, the workpiece rotates at low speed (circular feed) and the worktable reciprocates in a straight line (axial feed). At the end of each axial stroke or workpiece reciprocating stroke, the wheel makes a radial feed according to the required grinding depth, and the grinding allowance must be reciprocated many times. In the compound stroke, the grinding wheel must go beyond the length of the workpiece at both ends of the workpiece. (1) Surface division is performed on the entire width of the depressed grinding disc for metal. The edge angle of the grinding wheel (the front part of the axial direction of the knot) plays a major role in cutting, bearing most of the remaining parts removed, while most of the other abrasive grains on the width of the grinding wheel are in contact with the grinded surface, mainly reducing the surface roughness of the workpiece. (2) The grinding quality is good because most of the grinding grains of the grinding wheel bear the role of grinding. The grinding depth is small, the radial cutting force is small, the grinding temperature is low, and the "grinding" around the grinding wheel. Because of its good function, the workpiece has high dimensional accuracy and small surface roughness. If the grinding time is properly increased, the machining quality will be further improved. (3) Grinding efficiency is low because the grinding depth is small, the workpiece can be grinded many times by running abrasive grinding disc tools, and the machine has a long time, so the production efficiency is low. (4) the scope of application is suitable for grinding external workpiece whose length is larger than the width of the grinding wheel; it is especially suitable for grinding long shaft. https://www.auroraabrasive.com/4-inches-abrasive-grinding-disc-tools/