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General Discussion | Grinding wheel cutting fluid cutting problem

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 11/09/2018 03:35:23

The cutting process of the fast working grinding wheel is extremely harsh due to the increase in rigidity of China abrasive tools for metal, the popularity of automation, and the remarkable advancement of tool materials. The cutting fluid to be used is gradually converted from an oil-based cutting fluid mainly based on lubricity to an emulsified water-based cutting fluid which is mainly resistant to fire safety and cooling and has lubricity.


Therefore, when considering the problem of cutting the fast working grinding wheel, first check the mechanical conditions (China abrasive tools for metal, workpieces, cutting conditions, etc.), not subject to the old habits, whether it is water-based cutting fluid or oil-based The cutting fluid is good, and it is necessary to choose from a wide range of viewpoints.


In general, when the machining conditions are at an optimum point, the grinding fluid can maintain this state. It is difficult to solve the fundamental problem caused by the processing conditions or the improperness of china abrasive tools for metal, which is required to help the cutting fluid to solve.


In addition, in the problem of cutting off the fast working grinding wheel, the durability of the tool, the surface roughness of the machined surface, and the dimensional accuracy are poor. Among them, problems related to tool durability are particularly high. On the basis of grasping the phenomenon and cause of tool wear, it is necessary to take corresponding measures for the fast working grinding wheel cutting fluid.