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General Discussion | China Grinding Abrasive Disc - Introduction To Use

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 11/17/2018 01:41:46
Precautions for the use of the China grinding abrasive disc: When the cutting is not sharp, the grinding disc with high quality grinding disc factory price should be trimmed and edged. If it continues to be used, it will overheat. If the overload is used, the disc will be damaged. Also, it is forbidden to use the cutting sheet for work other than grooving or cutting. To avoid abnormalities due to uneven force. In the grinding disc rotation, it is strictly forbidden to cut by hand, and it is not allowed to touch the grinding disc by hand and body. If ab normality is found during cutting, stop immediately. Also note that when the China grinding abrasive disc is marked with the direction of rotation, it must be in the same direction as the machine tool. On the contrary, the cutting is not sharp and it is difficult to exert the performance of the grinding disc. If the grinding disc with high quality grinding disc factory price does not match the workpiece being cut, it is prone to abnormal wear. Sharpness is not Good. Abnormal heat, etc. In addition, be careful, when the flange is too small or the accuracy is poor, it is easy to damage the grinding disc, please use it after improvement. The selection method of the China grinding abrasive disc is introduced here. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co., Ltd., we specialize in the production and operation of grinding disc cutting discs and grinding discs. Welcome interested customers to the inquiry.