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The knowledge which I have got from my teachers I'm going to answer this question. The Policies of Indian Leader rs 2007 gold at that time Mahatma Gandhi make Britain to leave from India, he said to Hindus that whatever British people wants to do with we, let them do. If they are arresting us without any reason, don't make any distrubance go with them quietly.

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have elected legislatures andgovernments patterned on the Westminster model. The other fiveunion territories are directly ruled by the Centre throughappointed administrators. In 1956, under the States ReorganisationAct, states were formed on a linguistic basis.[59] From Akhilesh Ajay Class 9th

Due to the excessive exploitation of the plant and animal resources by human beings, the ecosystem has been disturbed. In consequence, about 1,300 plant species are endangered and 20 species are extinct. Quite a few animal species are also endangered and some have become extinct. Apart from hunting, other factors that have caused endangerment of plant and animal species are:

Three possible answers depending on what is meant by "quit Evony": 1. To quit for the moment but to save "your account", you just exit the browser window, your account is saved up to the minute, in fact it continues in your absence, when you return to Evony to play again, you just log back in. 2. To quit as in "restart" your account, you can click on your avatar picture in the top right while you are playing

Since then, thisstructure has remained largely unchanged. Each state or unionterritory is further divided into administrative districts .[60] The districts in turn are further dividedinto tehsils and eventually into villages. Therefore they thought that its Closure time for us and Gandhi won battle without an violence. Roohal Shaikh St. Bonaventure's student in Pakistan in 9th standard

Gandhi told the British to quit India and leave India in God's hand. His message was "Do or Die". .In the initial stages, the movement was based on non violent lines. .Repressive policy of the government and discriminate arrests of the leaders provoked people to violence .Nehru was lodged in Alomra jail, Maulana Azad in Bankura and Gandhi in Aga khan palace, Poona. .

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