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General Discussion | Grinding Wheel Static Balance Failed

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 01/11/2019 04:29:55

grinding wheel is an in-homogeneous object. When the fast working grinding wheel rotates, it causes vibration because its center of mass does not coincide with the center of rotation. This state is called the imbalance of the grinding wheel. Wheel imbalance can bring a lot of harm:

a. Acting on the grinding machine bearing, causing the main shaft to vibrate and accelerate the wear of the grinding machine spindle;

b. The additional increase of the rotary stress on the grinding wheel, reduce its rotational strength, and may even cause it to rupture upon rotation;

c. Intensify the vibration of the grinding wheel and the workpiece system, which is manifested by the occurrence of vibration marks on the surface of the workpiece to be processed, and the machining accuracy and surface roughness are deteriorated;

d. Affect the uniformity of the self-sharpening of the grinding wheel, so that the grinding wheel wears unevenly.