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General Discussion | Dental issues of my daughter

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POSTED BY: Rebeca0777 on 02/11/2019 01:09:24

Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and here's my first post.


My DD required 3 fillings. I was honest with her dentist that it had to be easy and not painful. I cannot take anyone hurting her. I looked up anesthesia for children in Ontario online and found the only pediatric dental clinic and fixed an appointment for her. We talked about the possible anesthesia that can be administered to her so that she could be comfortable as well as her dentist during the procedure. She was given a mild sedation and she was conscious during the procedure. To calm her nerves for a trial run, she was given Ativan. But it had a paradoxical effect and she was feeling anything but calm. We gave it to her on bedtime and she was up until 4am. The joke was on us.


Thank you!

POSTED BY: JoseBates on 02/25/2019 16:11:53

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