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General Discussion | The focus of nonlinear laser crystals

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POSTED BY: xzbbvfvbh on 02/21/2019 22:54:24
The industrialization is weak, the resources are not effectively utilized, and a complete industrial chain and industrial system have not been established. The division of management system is divided; the investment intensity is low and scattered; the development of raw materials and special instruments and equipment compatible with custom infrared spherical/aspherical/cylindrical Germanium lenses production is unbalanced; the application development of products needs to be strengthened, and the disorderly competition between peers needs to be resolved. There is no effective combination mechanism between production and application, and new materials, new products are promoted and applications are weak. Development thinking According to China's dominant position in the field of nonlinear crystals, with the development of the international optoelectronic functional crystal industry, especially the development trend of the wholesale MgF2 optics and nonlinear crystal industry and the world market, we will concentrate our strengths, give play to our advantages, take key breakthroughs, and concentrate our efforts to overcome some of them. The crystal varieties that are of great significance to the national economy and national defense construction have made China's wholesale infrared and broadband BaF2 optics output value reach 1.5 billion yuan in 2010 and 3 billion yuan in 2020. Development focus 1) Nonlinear optical crystals used in optical communication and integrated optics, including quasi-phase matching (QPM) multi-domain structural crystal materials and components; 2) Nonlinear optical crystals used in laser television red, green and blue primary light sources; 3) Semiconductor frequency doubling crystals (such as KN and some possible QPM products) applied to the next generation optical disc blue light source;