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General Discussion | How To Reset Facebook Password

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POSTED BY: itguide on 03/15/2019 07:30:10

Facebook is popularly known as the social media giant with billion of users across the globe. Still, it has been noted that while trying to login to Facebook, sometimes the user faces technical issues. It can happen when the user has forgotten the password & want to change or recover the Facebook forgot password. To come out of these issues, the users are requested to take the Facebook customer support through dialing their customer service numbers. But, before that, you must read this blog as here we have tried to explain the simple steps to reset Facebook passwordalong with process of resetting and recovering the password.



Facebook Password Reset

  • It can be done when you aren’t logged in to the Facebook account.

  • Choose an option of account reset by sending the code via email, sending code via SMS or use my Google Account as well.

  • Once if you enter any of those above options, then click on the ‘Continue’ tab for sending codes to your email & messages.

  • Now, type the six digit code into the “Enter Code” field, and then click to Continue.

  • Type a new Password into the field of “New Password” which is the near the top of the page. This will be going to use as login in FB.

  • To save your new password, click to continue. Afterwards, you’ll be able to log into Facebook website & in the app as well.

Facebook Password Recovery

This becomes a very common issue which is faced by several users from worldwide. The Facebook Password can be simply recovered without an e-mail or phone number as well. You need to answer only those security questions which you’ve been set previously. How you do it, here are the following processes, just take a look:

  • Open the Facebook site & find “Forgot your account? or Can’t log in?” & click them.

  • Then type your email address or mobile number which has associated with your account & fill that form by clicking Continue.

  • Click on “I forgot my account” on the next page.

  • After that it appears your email address listed on your account, but if you have no longer to access then click on “No longer have access to these”.

  • Then you’ve been asked a few security questions on your screen, so just follow them