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Pregnancy Topics | Choosing To Not Find Out The Gender

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POSTED BY: leftymom on 08/15/2008 12:23:42

My cousin and his wife just welcomed a baby girl, Abbygail Ann, and they chose to wait until her birth to find out the sex!  They decided that since this would most likely be their last baby, they wanted it to be different than when they had their first daughter, in which everything was a new experience.  It seems to me that it would be so incredible to be completely surprised!

With both of my babies I wanted to find out the sex immediately after my positive pregnancy tests.  When I got an ultrasound while it was still too early to determine the sex, I was straining my eyes until they crossed to try to see something.  I tried every wives tale, chinese gender chart, etc. to attempt to get my answer before our 'big ultrasound'. 

I'm wondering, for those Moms who decided to be surprised, how do you plan for both a girl or a boy coming home?  Do you just do everything in gender neutral colors?  I'm sort of curious- because I was buying a million onesies in pink or blue the entire 9 months I was pregnant.  I guess I felt a need to be overly prepared.

I might consider for our next child should we have one, to try and wait it out until the end.  Now I have a stockpile of boy and girl items so it shouldn't be too much of a problem.   I doubt I'll be able to do it though.  I'm the kind of person that opens presents before Christmas! 

POSTED BY: administrator on 08/15/2008 21:19:03

We didn't want to know with the first couple of babies and I would buy neutral color apparel in preparation.  After I gave birth, I would go out and buy a few more outfits in gender specific colors.  I can't remember with which child we decided we wanted to know the sex so we could pick out the right colors beforehand, but I liked knowing better.  I absolutely loved dressing my little girls in pink and all those cute little hair bows, even when there was very little hair to attach them to, lol. 

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POSTED BY: Katherinez on 08/16/2008 01:24:20

I didn't find out on the first and just got (and received) yellow's, mints, purples etc... actually all very cute.  Then when we had HIM, people sent blues, and of course I bought blues too. Then the second I "HAD" to find out, to see if it was a girl... nope - a boy! - so I was set with clothes. (and very happy - he is awesome!)  Then the third I "HAD" to find out if it was a girl, LOL, and it was - WOO HOO! - so on the way HOME from the ultrasound I went shopping and bought pink pink pink!! But you know what... if my second had been a girl, I would not have found out on the third, although that would have been hard.  I think the surprise is wonderful, not only for us, but for others. :)

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POSTED BY: spam4569 on 08/17/2008 13:09:38

I so envy those of you that can wait. I have no patience at all!


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POSTED BY: yeyet on 08/28/2008 09:28:53

I usually do the shopping of baby stuffs once i already know the gender of my baby which is usually around the 5th or 6th month via ultrasound.

Knowing the gender of the baby is really exciting especially now that my third pregnancy is hopefully the last one.  Since I already have 2 daughters, we are hoping to have a boy this time.  But whatever the gender is, we are praying that he/she is healthy....

A practical choice is really to find out first the gender before preparing the things.  At least you would know what kind of baby's clothes that you need to buy.  But for those who would like it to be a surprise, shopping for unisex clothes is advisable.

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POSTED BY: nsl1978 on 10/21/2008 19:59:43

My husband is the impatient one. He'd like to know, but I'd rather not. I'm perfectly happy with neutral colors unitl the baby is born!

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