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General Discussion | Multifunctional grain thresher/Sheller is easy to

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POSTED BY: yanghm on 04/16/2019 05:13:06

The use of multi-functional grain thresher/sheller frees farmers from heavy physical labor, and the listing of threshers is a major step forward in the agricultural machinery market. Users can choose the equipment that suits them according to their own requirements. Multi-functional grain thresher/sheller can be peeled and degranulated in a multi-purpose machine. China hot sale Multifunctional grain thresher/Sheller has high efficiency, simple operation and can be connected with various tractors. It can also be connected to various motors without a tractor. Grain thresher/sheller belongs to grain processing machinery. The utility model mainly comprises a fuselage, a feeding port is arranged on the fuselage, the power seat is connected with the fuselage, the motor is mounted on the power seat, the driving shaft is mounted on the bearing seat, the driving shaft is connected with the motor through the belt, and the driving shaft is provided The spiral strip and the rubber nail, the drive shaft is matched with the drive shaft through the gear, and a plurality of rubber wheels with protrusions are sleeved on the drive shaft. The bearing housings at both ends of the drive shaft are not on the same level. Since the driving shaft is provided with a spiral strip and a rubber nail, the driving shaft is provided with a plurality of rubber wheels, and the driving shaft and the driving shaft cooperate with each other, and the peeling device can evenly distribute the ears that have entered the machine to the two pairs of relatively rotating peeling. Between the shafts, and in the case of the rotation of the ear itself, it advances smoothly. During the process of travel, the specially-made peeling claws tear the rakes and are momentarily pulled down by the rotating shaft, and the detachment is completed. purpose. The working efficiency is 0.85~1.25 million/h, the peeling rate is 80%~95%, the breaking rate is less than 1%, and the loss rate is less than 2%. It can do a good job of grain peeling and replace manual operation to improve work efficiency.