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Too Hot to Handle | How to choose a portable refrigerator

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POSTED BY: lotuda on 04/26/2019 08:15:47

How to choose a portable refrigerator

The gentleman, without whom you can not do in the summer, has many subtleties of choice

Hot summer city heat, the powerful sun – take out from the fridge a cool drink, making this a breath of pleasure, and body pierces light cool...  What if there's no fridge? Oh, horror! But manufacturers of small household appliances has already taken care of that coolness has always been with you, and set up a portable fridge.

Portable (portable) refrigerators are designed specifically to make our lives easier, so that people who do not have constant access to a stationary refrigerator have the opportunity to store food and refreshments. On a picnic in the country or on the beach, even in the car, during traffic jams – such an assistant will always come in handy.

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After all, portable refrigerators help to maintain the temperature of the frozen product, to prevent its increase to a critical value. And the critical temperature is -9 °C. If at least for a short time the temperature of the frozen product rises, it will develop pathogenic bacteria. Such a product is dangerous to eat.

Selection criteria: go, do not go

Many world manufacturers of household appliances (COOLFORT, CAMPINGAZ, Hella, Electrolux, Vitek) took care of that in their collection were portable refrigerators. But when buying, it is important to take into account the main characteristics: weight, dimensions, availability of lighting, Windows for viewing content, volume, maximum cooling temperature.

Divide refrigerators

The culprits of our consumer expertise can be divided into two large groups.

The first group includes the so-called cooler bags. They are made of hard plastic or soft fabric. Isothermal containers – this is the name of the solid bags – are designed for transportation. And soft handbags just can be carried.

As for the volume, the bags can hold 5-25 liters, and containers – 7-140 liters. Portable refrigerators, which we attributed to the first group, mainly hold a temperature of 8-10 hours. To extend the cooling process to 24 hours, cold batteries are used. These are bags filled with salt solutions. They can be frozen in a conventional refrigerator, and then put in a portable.

An interesting fact: if you want to transport a hot dish, the batteries are heated in hot water to 80 °C. Thus, "pants turn...", that is, the refrigerator turns into a thermos.

The service life of such "refrigerators" is not less than 5 years. The warranty period is usually 3 months. The exception is the bags of the American company "Thermos" series "Foldaway Lunch Pack 7", which have a warranty of 5 years.

Car "bags»

In the second group we "send" so-called automobile refrigerators. This will be a version of more serious than bags. Car iceboxes can be called small prototypes of stationary refrigerators. They are "charged" in the car, they operate from a voltage of 12 V or 24 V. Such equipment is equipped with compressors or other refrigeration units. This type is divided into three subspecies: thermoelectric, absorption and even compressor devices.

In thermoelectric cooling is due to double-sided plates. As soon as they receive current, the inner side of the plate is cooled, and the products, respectively, too. There is a little trick in thermoelectric refrigerators: if you change the polarity of the voltage – the inner side will heat up. This is very convenient, because in nature in the morning, for example, you can treat yourself to a hot Breakfast.

As for absorption refrigerators, here the refrigerant is ammonia solution. The main advantage of these models – they can work without electricity. But, on the other hand, they need to be treated very gently, do not tilt, as it is possible to disrupt the absorption process.

In compressor refrigerators, the compressor is engaged in cooling. It not only keeps the temperature of the products, but also cools them. "Clever" can work and after shutdown from the power supply network. However, it has many advantages over other species. Although "but" still exists. It is very fragile, sensitive to vibrations and slopes of more than 30 degrees. It is clear why such models are not very popular in our country – the state of the roads simply "kills"them. It is worth noting that such models are not cheap – from thousands of dollars.

The volume of automobile refrigerators is 5-140 l. the cooling Time is unlimited, since the ice boxes are "supported" by electricity.

Cons cold

It should be remembered that the bags-refrigerators are not designed for deep cooling or freezing products. They just keep the temperature of the already cooled products. They have no compressors, refrigerants. It is on this principle that they are somewhat similar to thermoses.

Minus car refrigerator: if it works with the engine running, it can land it in less than 24 hours. Therefore, you need to ask in stores about the presence of "battery protection relay", which are equipped with many models.

Remember that before you put food and drinks in a portable refrigerator, they should be cooled to the desired temperature in a simple refrigerator.

Prices do not bite

Selection of a portable refrigerator is an individual matter. You at first sight will feel what unit is for you. For a small family is perfect bag or small container. If you have a large family, you can take a bulk container or choose one of the car options.

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