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General Discussion | Birthday gift for husband

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POSTED BY: Creedy on 04/26/2019 08:56:00

So, I am in search of a good gift for my husband's birthday. He is a golf lover and I've thought about something related to it but I don't know a thing about golf which makes it quite hard.

POSTED BY: JoWee on 04/26/2019 14:59:28

Well, if it makes it really that hard then your option is reviews and testimonials. There are a lot of sites which gather such information. What's concerning a gift... You know what, give him a decent push cart. There are even electronic golf push carts. View this link https://golferexpert.com/electric-golf-push-cart/ to find out what I'm talking about. Yeah, some options are quite expensive but you can see there that there are pretty good models which are under 1k $. I would be really happy if I got such a present.

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