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POSTED BY: administrator on 04/23/2010 07:28:13

Encourage and share, join the December 2010 Birth Club.

POSTED BY: tiannasmomma on 04/26/2010 04:04:19

I'm due December 12th.  Anyone else do around then?

Tianna's Momma
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POSTED BY: emilybear75 on 04/27/2010 10:50:49

I'm due, by my calculations, December 30th.  So I may end up with a January baby.  I have my first doctor's appointment next Tuesday (4th).  We'll see what they say.  If you go by my LMP, then it's a week off (EDD would be 12/23/10)... ovulated late according to BBT charts.

This will be #2 for us.  It only took 2 cycles for #2.  So it was a little quicker than expected.    We have a 15-month old daughter that I am totally in love with.  Little worried about how this is going to affect her, but have always wanted a sibling for her.

Hope to make some new belly buddies soon!

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POSTED BY: Shanrock08 on 05/07/2010 18:01:55

If my calculations are correct I'm due Dec 11th! I still need to make a doctors appt though. Unfortunately this week my OBGYN was booked solid so hoping for an opening in the next week or 2! This will be our 1st:) Super excited!

Mommy to Be 12/11
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