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General Discussion | Resume style elements

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POSTED BY: judithlopez on 05/15/2019 09:44:33

Different Font Types & Sizes: Be individualistic by using different approved fonts.The business world majorly accepts two fonts that is Serif fonts like those with feet like Times Roman, Bookman, and Georgia and Sans serif fonts those with no feet like Arial, Tahoma, and Verdana. Keep your reader’s computers in mind.Usually serif fonts are easy to read on all computers.The font size should be either 10 to 12 and the headings should be 12 to 14 points and no more. Be consistent with the font size throughout and same with the underlining or bold or italics used. You might want to print out one copy of your resume once you are done with drafting it to see how it actually looks in hard copy and say it for resume editing service.
Text alignment & Bullets: .Always go ahead and align your text to the left. Whilst bulleting use standardised bullets such as circles or squares.

Visual elements / Images: Always remember that what applies in life applies in resumes too. The visual impact in a resume is the most important one. Hence see that you use tables to add on the appropriate style. Do not use any pictures they are inappropriate for resumes.

Use graphical styles such as tables, shading to highlight your achievements and draw the interviewer’s attention to it. Remember your resume is selling the idea to your employer about how you have unique talents to offer that separates you from the pack.