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General Discussion | How to use galvanized steel coil correctly

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POSTED BY: juniperqq on 05/20/2019 23:51:18

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, hot sale galvanized steel coil with excellent performance has been widely used, the following to take you to understand in detail how to apply galvanized steel coil.

1. Although the current use of the largest amount of building materials for hot-dip galvanized substrate production capacity is very large, but the lack of zinc flat hot dip galvanized steel coil and zinc alloy coating steel coil and another good substrate;

2. Domestic coating varieties, quality can not fully meet the demand, the high price of imported coating reduced the competitiveness, the film color board needed plastic film still need to rely on imports, the lack of coating thickness, functionality, high strength, rich color galvanized steel coil;

3. The product is not standard enough, resulting in a serious waste of resources. There are too many low-capacity units with an annual production capacity of fewer than 40,000 tons, which have problems in product quality and environmental resource protection.