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General Discussion | Wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller with

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POSTED BY: yanghm on 05/21/2019 05:45:38

In describing operations of wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller with motorized equipment, the principal reference will be to motorized threshing-machines. Although they are gradually being replaced by combine-harvesters, these machines still have an important place in the post-harvest production process, especially for their convertibility. By the simple replacement of a few accessories and the appropriate changes in settings, these machines can treat different kinds of grain (e.g. rice, maize, sorghum, beans, sunflowers, wheat, soybeans, etc.). Hot selling wheat thresher rice thresher Soybean Sheller with a rotating threshing-drum (with beaters or teeth) and a stationary counter-thresher, these machines often have devices to shake out the straw and to clean and bag the Brain. Whether self-propelled or tractor-drawn, these threshers are often mounted on rubber-tired wheels for easy movement to the field. The use of motorized threshers may require two or three workers. Yields depend on the type of machine, the nature, and maturity of the grain, the skill of the workers and organization of the work, and they can vary from 100 to 5 000 kg/in.