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DAR ES SALAAM [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/Hats.html?cat=921]Authentic Eagles Hats[/url] , Aug. 27 (Xinhua ) -- The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Sunday appealed for 23.6 million U.S. dollars from now through to December this year to be able to continue meeting the food and nutritional needs of refugees in Tanzania.


The world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide said in a statement that it has been forced to reduce food rations for 320,000 refugees in Mtendeli, Nduta and Nyarugusu Camps in northwest Tanzania as a result of funding shortfalls.


WFP provides refugees, primarily from Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/T-Shirts.html?cat=912]Authentic Eagles T-Shirts[/url] , with five food commodities of maize meal, pulses, super cereal, vegetable oil and salt.


"Due to funding shortages [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/Hoodie.html?cat=913]Authentic Eagles Hoodie[/url] , all five commodities were reduced for the August distribution, reaching only 62 percent of the 2,100 required kilocalories which is the recommended daily calorie intake," said the statement.


"Without an immediate response from donors [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/Customized.html?cat=911]Customized Eagles Jersey[/url] , further ration cuts will be necessary as food stocks are simply running out," said WFP Tanzania Country Representative Michael Dunford.


Dunford added: "While WFP appreciates the support received so far, we are urgently appealing to donors to quickly come to the aid of the refugees and provide additional funding so that we can return to full rations and avoid any prolonged negative impacts."


The statement said reducing rations result in far-reaching and potentially life-altering consequences for refugees.


Cutting the intake of kilocalories and nutritional support can lead to acute malnutrition and increased vulnerability to disease, it said.


In addition to the five food items [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/]Cheap Eagles Jersey[/url] , WFP also provides hot meals for refugees upon arrival, supplemental rations for pregnant and nursing women and food assistance to hospital in-patients and people living with HIVAIDS, said the statement.


It added that hot meals for refugees entering the country and supplementary feeding programmes remain unaffected by the current ration reductions.


Opening ceremony of 13th Chinese National Games kicks off in Tianjin


IOC president visits National Art Museum of China in Beijing


Video: Xinhua's robot reporter Inspire talks with its robot friend in World Robot Conference


Scenery of 9th BRICS summit host city Xiamen


China's Discovery ROV collects samples in western Pacific Ocean


World Robot Conference attracts visitors in Beijing


At least 2 died, 8 injured in knife attack in Turku [url=http://www.eaglesfansprostore.com/Black-Wendell-Smallwood-Eagles-Jersey.html?cat=883]Eagles Wendell Smallwood Jersey[/url] , Finland


13 killed, over 100 others injured in Barcelona attack: official


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Blending ambient advertising with other marketing tools to reach full potential including floor graphics


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