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General Discussion | Is salmon roe a kind of caviar?

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POSTED BY: Hollenna on 07/11/2019 11:15:53

Is salmon roe a kind of caviar?

POSTED BY: Roxxiery on 07/11/2019 12:03:00

It is. My absolute favorite handroll, my dessert if you will, is ikura (salmon roe) topped with a quail egg. In a Seaweed handroll, sushi rice, topped with Ikura, and then..tada, crowned with a raw quail egg.


The close of nearly every Japanese dinner for me. 2 Ikura.


Creamy (raw quail egg) , a bit of Saltiness, each Salmon roe “pops” with a splash of the sea in your mouth.


I like to individually pop them on the roof of my mouth.


I have had Oscietra Russian caviar $$$, flying fish roe, (Tobiko), Masago, an Icelandic caviar, which most people associate with Japanese sushi. And, lastly(?) Farmed raised Beluga.


My favorite, hands down, has always been Salmon Roe.


My favorite bagel…Salmon, Salmon Roe, cream cheese, thin, shaved red onions, on a toasted, sesame seed bagel.


My favorite, Deviled Egg. Yea, you guessed it.


The Breakfast of Champions:)

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POSTED BY: Doubtinna on 07/12/2019 00:03:00

Yes and no. Caviar specifically refers to the roe from Sturgeon, traditionally from the Caspian Sea. Unfortunately it takes a sturgeon a few decades to reach sexual maturity and the practice of eating the unborn sturgeon means they’re an endangered species. As for me I prefer Chum salmon caviar https://globalseafoods.com/products/chum-salmon-caviar-soft-shell it is also known as keta salmon caviar and has an exquisite taste!

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