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General Discussion | Is this a good time to invest in ICOs?

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POSTED BY: Doubtinna on 07/12/2019 10:51:55

Is this a good time to invest in ICOs?

POSTED BY: Roxxiery on 07/13/2019 03:47:17

Be wary of investing in ICOs as there have been countless scams run through ICOs and thousands of people have lost their money. But, ICOs have the potential to create a lot of wealth quickly for people - which can be dangerous.


You can do as much research as possible but, an ICO can still be seen as a complete gamble. Especially due to every second person launching ICOs nowadays.


Just be careful about what ICOs you choose to invest in and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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POSTED BY: Hollenna on 07/13/2019 06:11:15

My biggest piece of advice is to learn about the ecosystem you are intending to invest into. I would never recommend anyone to invest into crypto without learning what makes it valuable, the technology behind it etc. This would go for any type of investment. For this purpose you can use ICO Rating on https://www.crypto-rating.com/

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