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General Discussion | How to Block AOL Email Address

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POSTED BY: samker on 07/16/2019 02:00:02

If you use an email address for your business or any official purpose, mails are the most important things. But because of spam emails, you sometimes fail to see important mails which might affect your work. So all you need to do to prevent these spam emails is to block the person’s email address. Follow the steps mentioned below:

-Log in to your AOL account

-Go to the ‘settings’ option

-Click ‘spam settings’ and navigate the sender filter section

-Go to ‘Block emails from addresses I specify’ and enter the email address or username of the person in the required field

-Click on ‘Save settings’

If you follow the instructions given above, you will easily be able to fix this problem and block whomever you want. But if you are still getting emails from the contacts you’ve blocked or if you find difficulty in the implementation of the steps, you can contact AOL customer care, and the team of experts will give you the best solution to your problem.