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General Discussion | On sunny days

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POSTED BY: ylq123 on 07/18/2019 02:12:45

On sunny days, it is best to fall winter or early spring, the weather can not be too warm anyway, the earth needs the sun to saturate the temperature. At this time, you can always see the cat in the sun and squatting in the sun. I often see them when I dry my clothes on the balcony. One or a few of them are enjoying the sun with their eyes open. The kind of idleness and coziness will make me always envious Newport 100S. Speaking of these cats, since I moved to the building, they are already there Cheap Cigarettes. At that time, I moved the stool and soaked the tea on the balcony Cigarettes For Sale, basking in the sun, and looking down, naturally, I saw them on the square roof that was much lower than our building. It is a big cat with dark brown hair dotted with brownish yellow and light white. It is much bigger than the cat I usually see, and it is lazy. Do not love to move, the head with closed eyes is not moving on the front paws. You make some movements and it looks at you and closes again. In addition to changing its position as the sun moves, it turns a blind eye with its yellow-colored companions. In this way, we did not bother to spend a sunny afternoon together. Since then, I always pay attention to it when I go to the balcony. The roof seems to be its home, or the public gathering place for all the stray cats. In the morning and afternoon when the sun is good, you can see it playing with its companions and rest. If I happen to have time and feel good, I will throw some bread and biscuits to them. At first, they ran out instinctively in the face of sudden bread pieces, and when they knew that I was not malicious, they began to enjoy it. Although I have not raised pets such as cats and dogs, I imagine that the cats on the roof are my pets. This way I also got the fun of keeping pets Marlboro Gold. The lazy big cat became a real mother when she was active on the roof with a group of kittens on a sunny afternoon. It seems to be a lot thinner, not too lazy as before, not to see it feeding the kittens in the sun, just waiting for the kitten to play, hurriedly jumped off the roof to find food, every time I found it. There aren't many foods, but it always makes the kitten excited around it. Looking at the kitten eating food, it always quietly licks its claws. The most intimate scene on the balcony is that the kittens that have not been born for a long time are tired and tired, and snuggle up beside the cat. The sun shines quietly on them, and the warmth of the light shines through my heart. The kittens grow very fast in the winter and spring. They are a little bigger from the beginning of the slap, and soon grow to the shape of a semi-adult cat. Then you will see a cat with an imposing manner, collectively appearing on the roof to share food and play and rest. There was a lot of fun on the roof. They will cool the cat in the shade of the tree of the unknown tree by the roof in the hot weather, and you will chase after each other. They like to comb each other's tongues with their tongues Newport Cigarettes, and always in the following days, with the sound of a baby crying like a starry sky. Experienced people will tell you that cats are estrus, which means they are in love. The scream after the estrus is sharp and harsh. The call is for the love and death of love, the love of our people who naturally do not understand, but the kind of singular sensation of the instinct of the instinct does not hide their desire. Don't always cover us in some ways, for fear that others will know. When kittens grow up, they naturally have to find their spouses and new habitats. Just as our children have grown up to make a living in society, leaving is an unavoidable thing. Their departure is also simpler, there is no tears to cast other scenes, just like when they came to the roof, on a sunny afternoon, there was only a cat on the roof, and there was no peace in the afternoon. The sun is still abundant, we are still busy, the cat on the roof is quietly basking in the sun, the lazy head is squatting on the front paws, no matter what the movement, you can��t afford it too much attention. .
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