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POSTED BY: ylq123 on 09/14/2019 21:54:08

When I really measured every inch of Yuanmingyuan��s land with a slightly sad look, the full anger was not so vigorous. In front of you, it is no longer the broken wall of the artillery fire. What you see in your eyes is like an old man who has experienced vicissitudes. He unreservedly narrates his life to you quietly without any sympathy. There is also no expectation of anger. He just wants to talk softly, he just wants to keep the glory of the sun and pray forever. It has gradually been forgotten by people. We only know the ending: in Beijing, there is a dilapidated royal garden. It used to be beautiful and it is very bleak. I think that Yuanmingyuan has already accepted all the comments of the people. Just like an old man who sees through life, everything in the world and even time, he has no reluctance. I don��t want to think again about the horror of Yuanmingyuan��s destruction, but every crack in the ruins is always there. Don't drop the bitter tears. That is not ignorant of beauty, because the blond Westerners, their so-called advanced civilization is not incapable of distinguishing between beauty and ugliness Marlboro Gold, but in the face of countless gold and silver treasures lost to the nature of the pursuit of interests; it can not be called It is the destruction of civilization, because the spirit of the Chinese is not conquered by the ship. But this is undoubtedly a tragedy, a huge loss of human civilization. The bricks and tiles of the Yuanmingyuan are condensed by the wisdom of the whole world. Every sculpture and every statue has an incomprehensible perfection. The design and placement in it are amazing even from the contemporary Cheap Cigarettes. . The garden of Wanyuan is by no means a name mokingusacigarettes.com. It is a pity that human sweat and wisdom are represented by Yuanmingyuan. It is a pity that such a human miracle is difficult to cross the national divide and be destroyed in the war. Those broken heartaches, those collapsed loud noises, still echoed in the sky above the Yuanmingyuan. There seems to be no reason in front of it to just anger the atrocities in such a way that such a magnificent garden does not need such a narrowness. We also have no reason to just shame on the weakness of the nation in the past. After all, we have also created a brilliant and brilliant Yuanmingyuan. Let it pass in the past, Yuanmingyuan supports the remaining body as saying. Its value is no longer a sigh of praise for tourists. We are not so much to watch, but to accept baptism. There is no need to say a lot about the reasons behind the beatings. How to maintain calmness and rationality before violence and injustice, I feel that the understanding of Yuanmingyuan is more here. It is not willing to teach us revenge, nor is it willing to teach us to chase after it. It will only use it to remind us, we must work hard to make progress, we must work hard to cherish every achievement of human beings, and each piece is filled with heart. At the same time of enthusiasm, let more rationality be our guide under the blue sky, and the silent columns are dotted with greenery. Everything in the world has to undergo destruction and rebirth, and Yuanmingyuan is no exception. Newborn hopes are often bred on shattered and crippled soil.
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