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POSTED BY: NancyTheEnlighted on 10/09/2019 12:20:07

Hi there. I am looking for an AutoCAD program to download. A friend told me that it is distributed by the developer for free. Please drop me a link 'cause I can't find it. And I need to design a floor plan of our house quickly.

POSTED BY: IreneForsyte888 on 10/10/2019 06:03:07
Nancy, there is some mistake here. This is not a free program so don't even look for that unless you want your PC to burst by viruses. But I know where you can have with a good discount. Click here https://subscribe.cheapoemsoft.com/autodesk/autodesk-autocad-2018/ and arrange the subscription. Subscription is cheaper, besides the last year version will provide additional discounts.
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