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General Discussion | How to care for a paralyzed person?

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POSTED BY: selina on 10/17/2019 12:22:11

How to care for a paralyzed person?  My grandfather is 78 years old. He got very sick. And as a result, his lower body is paralyzed.

POSTED BY: illokin on 10/21/2019 16:03:12
I think you should find an assistant.
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POSTED BY: Malena on 10/22/2019 01:54:08

I can advise you to contact the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging https://myallamericancare.com/area-agency-on-aging/. This agency provides a full range of services for the elderly. This is medical care and legal support and many other issues. The Agency employs qualified staff who have the necessary knowledge.

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