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General Discussion | Tell everyone not to play casino games!

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POSTED BY: desert_eag1e on 11/09/2019 14:44:23

Casino games are addictive! That's why I please you to stop playing it. For example I went to play slots at the first time and you know what? I've lost almost all my money...

POSTED BY: GlenCurtis on 11/09/2019 14:52:53

Dude, you are mistaken, in most cases the problem is not in the person, but in the casino itself, more precisely in the fact that the casino acts dishonestly and does not allow you to win. For example, I heard a lot of stories that after replenishing an account in a casino, the administration withdrew bitcoins from a player’s account and he was left without money and could not even track the transaction, so bitcoin casino is a very risky way to earn money. I used to have a very negative attitude to casino, but changed my mind when I played slot machine games online for money. Thanks to the vulnerabilities in the system, my passive income per month is about $ 2,000 and this is a lot of money. So be careful with your choice and play only in honest casinos.

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