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March 2011 Due Date Club | March 2011 Birth Club

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POSTED BY: administrator on 06/11/2010 08:40:50
Encourage and share, join the March 2011 Birth Club.

POSTED BY: lilbuninoven on 07/16/2010 15:04:12

our lil bun is due March 8th according to this website.

So happy!
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POSTED BY: fierymama on 07/24/2010 11:19:51

Congrads  lilbuninoven, our little bundle is due march 17, 2011, but will born at least 2 weeks early due to repeat c-sections.....

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POSTED BY: Lou-Lou on 07/27/2010 09:24:41

Our little one is due on March 31st  

He or she will join Big Brother Pa-Pa who is 15 months old!


How is everyone feeling?

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POSTED BY: fierymama on 07/27/2010 21:35:29

Well I am not sure how everyone is feeling but i sure do feel like "crap"...lol  It's after 2am where I am and i can't sleep, and i have a headache.....stress i think...no morning sickness, but waiting on an ultrasound...how is everyone else feeling???

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POSTED BY: Lou-Lou on 07/28/2010 06:07:25

Hi FM!


I’m only 5 weeks along (2nd child) and I have NO SYMPTOMS at all, except by the time I get home from work, I’m exhausted. Other than that, nothing.  I think it might be because it’s still early on so we’ll see.  Guess I shouldn’t complain but it still makes me nervous!  When is your due date/ how far along are you??

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POSTED BY: fierymama on 08/04/2010 02:40:21

well I am not sure yet how far along I am, i can't remember having a period in June and it was a very busy month, so i may have forgot but don't usually remember that....and usually write those things down in my journal or date book but didn't...but have may's down...if i didn't have one in june i am in my 12th week and the baby is due the beginning of march, if i did have one in june i am in my 8th week, and due in the last part of march....but i feel really pregnant, i think i am even feeling a bit of flutters...and i bought a home fetal doppler and heard the heartbeat  a few times...waiting and waiting for an ultra sound to see how far along I am....for sure

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POSTED BY: giselle1115 on 08/09/2010 01:26:24

Hi all! I'm a 38 y/o first time mom to be and very excited! Although I still try to manage my expectations until the first ultrasound which is scheduled on the 28th. My tentative due date is on March 27, 2011 :-)

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POSTED BY: senmalar on 11/08/2010 23:18:54


My due date is on March 24th....how r u all feeling now?

Any baby movements?

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POSTED BY: aeriesisborn on 11/10/2010 00:43:07

Hi my babygirl is due March 25th. Just wanna to tell somebody:) Baby number 4! havent been a new mom in 10 years though!

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