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Trying to Conceive | Do you think i could be pregnant?

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POSTED BY: wannabmammy on 09/11/2008 10:45:54

for the last two months i have had a light bleed one day and then heavy bleed on the next and then its gone when i should have my 5 day period. i also feel very bloated, constipated, headaches, dizzyness, VERY tired, dull back ache. My chest seems to have gotton bigger and i have 3 little bumps on my nipple. my belly is sticking out abit too.

POSTED BY: amula on 10/19/2008 04:04:38

I have all the same symptoms, but have not takin a test cuz me or my bf are not read to have a baby. Im kinda scared to find out

I dont know yet
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POSTED BY: mamarosie211 on 11/08/2008 16:14:16

To the first post and third posts, your syptoms are all classic of pregnancy, although none of your bleeding should be heavy (this could indicate a problem). I would recommend that you get a pregancy test asap. If it is positve, and I am pretty sure it will be, you need to get to a doctor, and get on some prenatal vitamins. I have had two children, and both were unexpected. I stopped smoking and drinking as soon as I knew, and also started on the prenatals. I ended up having healthy, beautiful, smart children. The sooner that you find out for sure, the sooner you can start taking better care of that baby. To the third post; I had my daughter when I was 19 years old and was alone, and definitely not ready. If you are pregnant, than please remember that it is in your hands now....you have a life inside of you; YOUR child. And regardless of whether or not you guys are ready, you have a responsibility to your baby to make sure he/she comes out healthy. I wish you the best of luck, both of you, and feel free to post more questions, I will try to check this board daily to see if I can help.

Best wishes


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