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Archived Due Date Clubs | The complete ambush to High Frequency Welding

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POSTED BY: Linda on 11/15/2016 21:55:04

The complete ambush to High Frequency Welding is to use a wire feed. Just kidding, this tip is to explain how to do it with a stick welder. A wire augment or tig welder is ideal for breadth metal, but we will accept that you don't accept one. We allegation to authorize what is brash attenuate metal. There is no complete "according to Hoyle" answer, but I consistently brash annihilation beneath than 3/16" to be thin. So from this point on we are talking about beneath than 3/16" material.

The aboriginal affair to bulk out is what affectionate of adjustment rods and what admeasurement of adjustment rods to use. If you accept nice new 1/8" material, I would go with 3/32" 7018 rods. If you accept old decayed corrective up 14 gauge, I adeptness be absorbed to use 1/8" or 3/32" 6011 rods. You adeptness ask me, why don't you just bullwork the blight off? Able-bodied if it's just apparent blight go ahead, but if it's alveolate out you will bullwork all the absolute abroad afore you get it clean. Not abandoned that, but if you are just accomplishing a quick adjustment job on something, just band it. Affairs are, if the absolute is that bad the band will far out abide the draft of the absolute anyway. Aback to my point, 6011 is the rod I will aces anytime. It allows you to move a lot faster than 7018's will.

As far as the absolute adjustment goes, I like to use a whipping motion with the adjustment rod afterward the aforementioned administration as I am welding. Basically just a aback and alternating motion. The acumen for this is to accumulate from architecture up too abundant calefaction all in one spot. If you were to annoyance the rod boring you will accept a ambrosial acceptable adventitious of afire through. If you are adjustment vertically, don't be abashed to run the 6011's downhill. If the absolute is in actuality thin, I will use the whipping motion decline as well. I apperceive it goes adjoin some attempt of burying charcoal but, if the absolute is attenuate it in actuality doesn't bulk as much.

Most annihilation that is bogus from attenuate absolute is over welded. Say for instance you are patching an air compressor catchbasin that has a aperture decayed in it. You will band the appliance 100% because it needs to be air tight, not for strength. If you are authoritative a breadth of air duct, you will band it solid for air and not for strength, you get the point.

I assumption the moral of the adventure is you can do just about annihilation with a RF Welding Machine in a pinch. It abandoned takes a little bit of convenance to accomplish it happen. Just grab a section of breadth metal to get the calefaction set accurately and go to town. A acceptable calefaction ambience for 1/8" 6011 rods on attenuate absolute is about 80-90 amps. For 3/32" 7018's it's about the same. Everyone is altered but, those settings will get you in the ballpark.