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POSTED BY: qzz10011 on 11/20/2016 20:21:01

Coupled with such a full range of high-quality hardware accessories wardrobe sliding door, the normal life of up to 10 years. Even if consumers do not know how to identify the pros and cons of materials, may also wish wood plastic composite decking construction method to open the closet smell. If the wardrobe opened on a very heavy taste, indicating that the selection will not pass. Customized wardrobe generally low formaldehyde content of E1-class or E0-class sheet, excellent environmental performance.

In fact, the wardrobe of environmental protection is very important because our wardrobe is a long-term use, and a lot of personal clothes are on the inside, these clothes if the cheap floor covering for balconys long-term absorption of toxic and harmful gases, wearing such clothes, how to ensure family health What? Further look at the custom closet production process.

It is understood that the first-line brand of the production line are generally used in the world's leading level of German Hammer large-scale production equipment, whether it is open cutting machine, drilling machine, or edge machine, the basic wood raw material singapore use of computer automatic intelligent management, production lines, the use of high Technology electronic code monitoring procedures to ensure uniform product size, horizontal vertical and horizontal, smooth and smooth edges, and to ensure accurate process without error.

POSTED BY: linda0901 on 01/26/2017 07:56:47

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