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POSTED BY: Fengjingye on 11/22/2016 22:02:31
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First, let’s look at the HD7 itself. It uses Windows Phone 7 as its OS, has a fast processor, and is one of the very best multimedia smart phones around. The display is 4.3″, the camera include with the phone is 5 megapixels, and the memory is 16 GB. In addition, the HD7 has loud dual stereo speakers, and a built-in kickstand to let you stand it up on any flat surface, making the device perfect for its role as a media presenter. But, to take the best advantage of these media capabilities, you should look at these accessories now available.


The HD7 definitely needs a case to protect the surface of the phone. Finding a case that will accommodate the smart phone can be tough, especially if the smart phone has a very unique design. The two choices for protection is the holster and a case. A holster is typically a plastic type of case that has a swivel clip on the back that can attach to many items, such as a belt, purse, or even a folder. Though a holster does an excellent job of protecting the phone while it is in the case, it does not protect the phone in use. The best protection for your HD7 would be a case, made out of clear plastic sheets that stick directly to the phone and protect the body against scratches. A case has cutouts to allow the use of the kickstand, and the ports. The thin layer of the skin case does not block sound, enabling full use of the speakers.


Although the big touch screen is what sets this device apart from many other smart phones, it also does add another thing the user must really protect. The screen scarpe adidas trainer scontate , even with only normal daily use, gets covered with greasy fingerprints and may even get scratched. One way to help your screen look like the first time you got it would be by using a screen protector. Screen protectors are merely durable plastic sheets that cover the display screen, yet still allow the phone to operate as if there were no covering. These sheets of plastic may be replaced as needed at any time.


Unfortunately, the battery life of this phone is not that great, being only a small 1230 mAh battery, much less powerful than most other smart phones. On the other hand, the battery is easy to swap out. Buy an extra battery as a gift to be sure the HD7 owner will never have to worry about running out of power.


The microUSB port is not just for charging the device, users will also be able to synch it to their pc. An extra charging cable to fit that port is also an excellent gift idea. It is never a bad idea to have extra charging options when it comes to dealing with smart phones.


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Mets Taking Look At Carl Pavano - RealGM Wiretap

The Mets have reached out to Carl Pavano's representatives, according to sources.


New York is looking to restock their rotation after trading R.A. Dickey to Toronto.


Pavano, who turns 37 in January, is coming off an injury-shortened 2012 season with the Twins in which he posted a 6.00 ERA over 11 starts.

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