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POSTED BY: Fengjingye on 11/22/2016 22:13:07
MLS Union Moving Closer To Free Agency - RealGM Wiretap

The MLS and the MLS Players Union are moving closer on the issue of free agency.


For the past month adidas yeezy boost 350 uk sale , the two sides have staked out their positions on the issue, with the union threatening to strike if the new CBA does not contain at least some form of free agency, with MLS against any kind of free agency.


A source with knowledge of the negotiations told ESPN FC that the current offer on the table from the league provides players who are 28 years or older, and who have been in the league at least eight years -- and not necessarily with the same team -- will "have the right to choose their next market" when their contract runs out or when their option is declined.


The source added that the player's previous team will not be able to make a modified offer of a nominal salary increase to keep the player.




The owners' previously offered to make it for players 32 years of age and older with 10 years experience, which would have applied to just one player (Brad Davis).

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The average NBA player hits 8.3 points per game.


Michael Jordan average score was a mind-blowing 32 points per game.


That why Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan.


Jordan was so incredibly consistent he retired in 1999 from the NBA still keeping his 32 point career average. Here the remarkable thing: His 32 points happened whether he had injuries or not, or who his coach was, or who his teammates were adidas originals trainers uk , or who he was playing against. He just scored 32 pointser game.
When asked how he was able to do that, he revealed the powerful secret of champions. Jordan said,  simplified it a few years ago: 32 points per game is really just 8 points per quarter. I figure I can get that in some kind of way during the course of a game.


Which is what you should be doing if you want to win in life.


Bite-Size Your
Unrealistic Dreams


Let say Jeff earns P25,000 a month today.


But Jeff dreams of earning P100,000 a month one day.




But in my book cheap adidas originals trainers , that good. I wrote in a previous blog post that from my experience, Unrealistic Dreams attract more resources and commitment because theye more exciting.


But I agree, dreaming of earning P100,000 a month is daunting. Like flying to the moon.


But like Jordan, Jeff should bite-size it.


Because Jeff surfs the net a lot, he wants to start an internet business. Specifically, he wants to build a website that will earn through Google ads. His goal: Earn P25 adidas originals trainers sale ,000 each month.


His third business vent.