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POSTED BY: qzz10011 on 12/05/2016 22:05:17

Epoxy floor paint industry this year in pollution, homogenization, channel management and many other siege of the problem, the epoxy floor paint paint industry will go from here. Most of the business operators to solve the problem is always in order to meet the current situation, not a permanent solution. Some companies Epoxy Floor paint products relatively low technical content, capital, management landscape feature wall ideas and industry standards and other aspects of strict requirements, so the threshold for entry is relatively low, leading to good and bad Epoxy Floor, more of a Some small businesses or small-scale construction groups are not qualified.

These small-scale enterprises with the floor industry, less investment, quick features, at the blind bargain, leading to lower product prices and industry profits, many companies can not be expanded reproduction and technological transformation, let alone guide the consumer's consumer demand. longer life, high-end paint low cost rubber deck floor Qatar life of up to 10 years or more.bright color, great beauty, not easy to fade, color, keep up with the paint; The world fashion trends; materials, tools and construction technology rich and varied, wide variety of patterns.

pattern color combinations varied, fully meet customer demand. As a new type of wall decoration art materials. Italian art paint with its innovative decorative style and unusual decorative effect, much people welcome and respected. For hundreds of years of development, Italian art paint already has a strong technical foundation, its products interior wall panels suppliers in cape town with non-toxic, environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof, flameproof and other excellent features. Rich artistic atmosphere, innovative painting process, leaving the Italian art of the times show the beauty of paint.

POSTED BY: linda0901 on 01/26/2017 06:14:24
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