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Product Reviews | the industrial floor

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POSTED BY: qzz10011 on 12/06/2016 03:44:52

Such as the industrial floor covering a wide range of industries, standardization is relatively difficult, even if the national standard developed, it is difficult to cover its application areas, likely to cause exterior flooring panels disorderly competition, hinder the normal development of the industry. The other is to strengthen the coating construction performance and coating process research to ensure product reliability.

From the idea of ??integration of coating and coating, it is necessary to pay attention to the application of coating to the treatment of different substrates, the adaptability of coating to construction method and Eco friendly fence Italy construction technology, and the adaptability of coating to construction environment.

Continuously optimize and enhance the comprehensive performance of products, enhance the matching system and performance evaluation, improve the supporting system of scientific and rational to meet the requirements of different corrosive environment. In particular, the coating process, surface treatment and supporting system for the maintenance and re-coating of equipment and facilities, due to the different corrosion and construction environment, the original coating damage condition, and poor composite sheeting for boat decking material construction conditions, should be attached great importance.