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May 2011 Due Date Club | Hi! New here, sort of

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POSTED BY: snocone_sue on 01/12/2011 13:08:23

Hey all

I posted late last year when I first found out I was pregnant, and nothing since.... well, let me update you on my life!!!

I am pregnant, obviously due in May 2011.  To recap, I am living in LA trying to make it as an actress.  Well, I'm making a decent living as a waiterss (LOL!) and the father of my baby is not involved at all.

I had made the decision to give the baby up for adoption, but as I feel it growing and moving inside of me (finally!!) I'm thinking about keeping it.  Parents still don't know - I didn't go home for Christmas.  I'm just scared about how hard this might be.  Ugh.

I wish this was an easier decision. 


POSTED BY: lucyxx- on 01/16/2011 13:24:22

Wow, thats eventful!

Hello :) I am expecting twins who will be full term in June 2011 but they want to deliver me in may soo yeah.

I share your love for acting- but I didn't continue after school, I got an A* in my last performance (highest- 60/60) and A overall.

So your parents still don't know? Are you scared of their reaction, or..? I know I hated telling my parents as my ex (the daddy, still wanting to be involved, on good terms) and them didnt get on too well...

Where do you live?


Mummy :)
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POSTED BY: snocone_sue on 01/18/2011 14:38:27

Hi Lucy!

I'm living in Los Angeles right now.  We'll see where I end up as I get bigger.  Parents are going to freak out, but we'll see.......

Lots of "we'll sees", aren't there?  I'd better get making decisions! 

Where are you located??


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POSTED BY: misfortune13 on 03/17/2011 04:16:26

nice topic

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POSTED BY: cookie on 04/18/2011 13:42:08

Hi Sue,

How are things going? Did you get the courage to talk to your parents about your pregnancy?

I am curious to see how they reacted, I am in a similar situation, my parents don't know yet that I am pregnant and I would like to know what to expect.



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