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POSTED BY: rsgolecuicui on 12/21/2016 00:03:59

 XCOM, Fallout Shelter puts the Fallout world in gamers' pockets. The truly free-to-play mobile game allows users to RuneScape Gold create and manage their own Vault during nuclear fallout. The game is available now on the Apple Store and doesn't require an internet connection to play.The mobile game allows players to build different rooms, manage stats, and keep their Vault residents happy. Just like the standard installments in the Fallout franchise, this mobile experience looks incredibly addictive. Fallout 4 will have some entertaining mini-games within the


AAA experience, but it's exciting to RSGOLE  know that there will be a Fallout adventure available even when gamers are away from their consoles. As gamers might expect from a community management game, Fallout Shelter players will be able to customize their Vault residents' outfits, items, and even love lives. The player can build classrooms to raise the intelligence of their community or something like a bar to raise charisma. Fallout Shelter joins Elder Scrolls Legends in Bethesda's move into the mobile market in 2015. Fallout Shelter should be able to draw in longtime fans of the franchise, but Legends will have to compete with games


like Hearthstone and Sol Forge in the digital card game market. We look forward to downloading Fallout Shelter tonight and seeing what the game has to offer.What do you think of Fallout Shelter? Will you be downloading the app tonight? Let us know in the comments.Check back throughout the week for more of our live E3 2015 coverage. Fallout Shelter is available now, free of charge, on iOS. The game will be available on Android devices some time in the future. 'Final Fantasy


 7 HD Remake Rumored for Sony E3 2015 Press Conference. For the better part of a decade, Final Fantasy fans have been waiting for Old School RS Gold Square Enix to stop looking forward and take a step back. They want a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake, and no matter how many times Square Enix teases fans they have yet to give them what they want. That could change today.According to a series of rumors, it appears Square Enix is finally ready to announce a Final Fantasy 7 HD remake, and many are pointing towards Sony’s E3 2015 Press Conference as