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POSTED BY: mammybuns on 03/17/2011 10:01:25

Hi all, im sorry to moan a bit, but the bulk of questions on this forum are from people asking COULD they be pregnant. wouldnt it be easier if there was a section called Might be pregnant? and leave the pregnancy section just for discussion about actually being pregnant.

sorry if i have upset anyone im new on here and couldnt find much to read on other womens actual pregnancies.


POSTED BY: Admin on 03/17/2011 14:31:22

Hi Mammybuns,

Welcome to the site, and thanks for your feedback! You're absolutely right - the forums could use some reorganizing. We're planning a lot of improvements to the site in the next few weeks, and that's one of them. I hope you check back and like what you see!

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POSTED BY: Admin on 03/18/2011 09:23:32

... And here it is! A separate forum for women wondering if they might be pregnant. The focus of this forum can be early pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy testing.

Thanks again, mammybuns!

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POSTED BY: Jojo on 03/28/2011 23:01:29

Okay so Im like a week late on my period so far and i've had a lot of pregnancy symptoms. me and my fiance have been having a lot of unprotected sex since February 16th. We've been using the 'pull out' method.. Anyways, My breasts have been tender, my stomache has been hurting but it's a weird feeling that only has happened on my right side near my belly button (I can tell its not cramps). I look like i've gotten very bigger but only in the middle of my stomache and yet i've lost weight. My breasts have also gotten much much bigger. I've also had to urinate a lot more frequently than usual. I took an at home walgreens brand pregnancy test (the 5 days before your missed period) and it came out negative. But the test said it should have taken 2 minutes and yet it showed up as soon as i urinated on it. Could I be pregnant?

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POSTED BY: Admin on 03/29/2011 09:41:52

Hi Jojo,

The pull-out method is not very reliable, so it is very possible that you're pregnant. When did you take the pregnancy test? The early response type is not always accurate - if you tested before your expected period, I would try again now. You'll get a more accurate result. If you still get a negative result, and your period still doesn't start, it might be time to see your doctor to be sure.

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