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POSTED BY: Leah1 on 03/24/2011 14:36:40
Hi Everyone.......Welcome to the new and improved Sure Baby.....Nice job Admin....Am missing the ability to change my font... Anyway, like my last post said i did another hpt and it came back negative.....I was heart broken and cried so much yet I still can't shake that feeling that am pregnant.....I don't have any money right now so i can't go to doctor..... What is wrong with me? Why can't i just accept it for what it is....If am not then this PCOS is really gonna get a taste of me.....Help anyone.....

POSTED BY: Admin on 03/24/2011 15:12:45
Thanks, Leah! There's a bug with the font editor that we're still working on. Should be back online soon. More importantly, hang in there. It's probably best to accept the negative results this time around (easier said than done, I'm sure), but hold on to hope that motherhood will happen for you in good time.
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POSTED BY: Leah1 on 03/24/2011 15:15:54

Hey Admin I just got an email saying that one of the members left me a comment and I can't seem to find it anywhere.......Do you have any idea what may be wrong......Thanks am hanging in there as much as possible.......

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POSTED BY: kimdley on 03/25/2011 04:02:33

My dear dn't stress urself, there is nothing wrong with you, very soon u will be a mom.. Just trust in god,, IT IS WELL....

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POSTED BY: Mum1166 on 03/25/2011 04:57:55

Don't give up on being a mum Leah. You will be soon. Like i said, don't avoid babies or pregnant women. Face the situation boldly and give them all the love you can muster and yours will come. That's what i did. Read the good book constantly and, draw ur strength from there and you'll have a peace and joy that passes all understanding. I promise. God bless.

My baby boy's here! :-D
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POSTED BY: Admin on 03/25/2011 09:34:18
Leah - that post was deleted by the user. I assume it was posted in error.
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