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October 2011 Due Date Club | Surprise!

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POSTED BY: September on 03/26/2011 09:19:50

Hello everyone! 

I am Jamie, mom to four; R-almost 14y, A-8 1/2y, B-3 1/2y, and K-21m. I also experienced an early pregnancy loss in October of 2005 at 4w2d, one day after the positive pregnancy test.

Daddy and I have been together 7 1/2 years and actually just got engaged on Valentine's Day, no date it set for the wedding but we've thrown around some things. We live in New York state. We moved into our own home December 2009, a few days before Christmas actually and in January of this year we opened our own brick and mortar local business. Before our biz I had been a SAHM for most of the last few years.

At any rate, after a wild ride this cycle (I'll post more about it in a bit)
, we got a BFP the day after Valentine's Day. We were both pretty shocked! It was the first month we didn't try and didn't prevent...ours was more of a BD session on a whim, but obviously this pregnancy at this moment in time was meant to be.

Baby Valentine is due October 28th by LMP. The only day we DTD was on CD12 (02/01/11), I believe I ovulated CD13/14....going by conception date of 02/02 BabyCenter makes my DD 10/26/11. Either way, I'm kinda excited to have a baby so close to a holiday and not in the summer (5 out of 6 of us were born in the summer, 4 of us in June). 10/26 or even 10/28 is just enough time to give birth, have baby home to put in a cute newborn Halloween costume and be home with the rest of the kids to go trick or treating, lol!As for gender everything is telling me girl (charts, psychics, etc.) but I think it's a boy. My mother, oldest and middle daughters think it's a boy also. We don't care one way or another. I am very high risk because of history of developing blood clots during two previous pregnancies and have to be on blood thinner. Currently I am on Lovenox injections twice a day. 

So far-knock on wood-this pregnancy has been easy, after a scare earlier on...post more about it later. At our most recently ultrasound Baby Valentine was measuring perfect and had a great heart rate of 171 at 8 weeks. 

I am a "attached mama". We baby wear, co-sleep, breastfeed and now extended breastfeed and that's a big part of who I am. I would love to meet more attached/natural mama! 

Jamie, kinda crunchy, computer geeky, very blessed, attached mama to four Crunchy Cupcakes & another on the way!

POSTED BY: bookworm81 on 03/26/2011 13:12:01

Hi Jamie!

I saw your post over on TGN's facebook page so I thought I'd come check it out. I didn't want to post anything over there though because we haven't told most of our friends and family yet that we're expecting.

We actually have the same due date although I think I ovulated on CD 15 so that would put me a few days later than you. 

This will be baby number two for my husband and I. Our son turns 2 at the beginning of May so he'll be 2.5 when this baby is born. We're kind of hoping for a girl this time but expecting it to be another boy.

- Kate

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POSTED BY: Mum1166 on 03/28/2011 02:53:21

Awww...this is a very exciting post. I'm so happy for you Jamie. Welcome to the site and, i wish you a happy and sickness free pregnancy. God bless.

My baby boy's here! :-D
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POSTED BY: e_moser on 04/21/2011 16:19:30

Hi Jamie.  I am also due in October.

I think co-sleeping sounds like the right thing to do, but my doctor told me that it isn't advisable.  This is my first baby - do you have any advice?

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POSTED BY: Mama-Tina on 04/28/2011 15:40:39

My little bean will be born on halloween..That is if he/she is right on schedule:)

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POSTED BY: Mama-Tina on 05/13/2011 14:23:37

In regards to the co-sleeping: I believe that you should do what makes you feel comfortable. I, personally, will most likely have my lil wee one sleep in our room for the first month (in fear of sids) but then I will have her sleep in her own room afterwards...Hopefully..

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POSTED BY: Beans13 on 05/21/2011 13:40:21

i just want to add i was born 10/30 and i love my bday a day before halloween so one day presents and the next candy......lol its awsome good luck with your pregnancy hope the rest goes awsome and your both healthy

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