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December 2011 Due Date Club | Feeling sick yet? Other symptoms?

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POSTED BY: Maybeimcrazy on 04/26/2011 13:48:52

I haven't really started feeling sick yet.  My sence of smell has definitely changed though.  I can tell you that if I smell or even think about crawfish, just, ewwwww.

I do know that tacos make me happy.  Boy have I been craving tacos.  It may even just be the tortilla. Idk.

As far as being tired. Uh, yeah, VERY tired.  So far i've managed to work in a nap almost every day but that only works for alittle while.  Then i'm pretty much ready to pass out every night at 9.  For you newbies, dont worry, that will pass right along with any morning sickness you may be feeling.  Usually around the end of the first trimester.  For the next couple weeks to a month, though, its gonna get worse...


Hope everyone is doing well!!! I plan on checking this everyday.....Its sooo exciting to be preggers together...

POSTED BY: Beans13 on 04/27/2011 11:54:16

congrats and yes it is....hope your feeling good and stay healthy :)

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POSTED BY: MarieWynn on 04/27/2011 22:54:06

I'm mainly feeling the tiredness. I take naps just about daily too. I have the breast tenderness as well. My other symptoms (headache, nausea, muscle aches) tend to come and go. Some days I feel like absolute poo and others I feel like nothing is different. *knock on wood* I don't want to speak too soon though. My sister had morning sickness every day, all day for all three of her pregnancies. :P

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POSTED BY: Maybeimcrazy on 05/01/2011 20:36:35

WOW what a difference 5 days make!  From my last post to now, I'm definitely getting evening sickness mostdays from like 4 to 7.  I'm gonna haveta figure something out for my family,  making dinner is just too aweful.  Imade slowcooker meals yesterday and today.  Worked out okay until dinner time when I absolutely couldn't eat it because I was smelling it all day.  Aw well. This too shall pass.

Everybody rolling along?  I'm just about fed up with my skin explosion hoping my body adjusts soon.  Still looking forward to the first dr's appt in 10 days!

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POSTED BY: sally-o on 05/27/2011 09:46:33

How was your doctor's appointment, Maybeimcrazy? I recently had mine, and everything looks good! I'm so happy!

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